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5 Star Insurance Group helps you navigate the complex world of Medicare, as well as provides a variety of other insurance coverages and services.

We realize this time can be confusing and the pressure to make an informed decision can be immense. We are here to help with a free, no obligation consultation.

We offer service at your level, connecting you with a local agent to educate you on the ABCs of Medicare. We will answer any questions you may have, and help you enroll into the plan best suited for your specific needs. We remove the need to call a large call center or be serviced by someone whose only motive is to upsell without having your best interests in mind. We are here to help you reach the best policy at a comfortable price point.

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Insurance broker serving a number of states

5 Star Insurance is proud to offer services to residents in:

  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania

We are contracted with every major carrier in your state, giving us the flexibility to compare quotes and products, providing the best option for you.

Insurance broker working with a range of strategic partners to provide assistance with Medicare

Together with our network of strategic partners, we can be the one insurance broker for all your needs, customizing a solution that is affordable and gives you peace of mind. Our strategic partners include the following


United Healthcare





Mutual of Omaha

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Additional Insurance Product Lines

The transition into Medicare is a great time to reassess some of your other insurance options, as well. Our team of specialists can also assist you in the following areas below

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Life Insurance

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Hospital Indemnity

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Specified Illness

Our process for helping you gain the proper Medicare coverage

Medicare is not a one size fits all policy. Every individual is different and may require a different level of coverage.

Our goal at 5 Star Insurance Group is to remove confusion and create confidence and a sense of ease during this process. We aim to educate you around all your options and guide you at your pace, answering any questions and helping you extract value from your policy.

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