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Insurance brokerage providing personalized service to those dealing with Medicare

Medicare is a necessary and valuable asset for those over 65, but nearing that milestone can feel confusing and complicated. With a variety of options and important steps to take, it’s important to have the education and guidance to select a policy that is easy to understand and affordable.

5 Star Insurance Group delivers the up-to date information you need to make an educated decision for yourself or your loved one. We are contracted with every major carrier in the states we serve, and with our many years of experience and full-service insurance options, we are the one insurance partner that can meet all your needs.

Assistance with choosing Medicare policies

Once you start researching, it doesn’t take long to realize that there are a number of ways to mix and match your Medicare policy. No one person is the same and it’s difficult to know if you’re making the best choice. That’s where 5 Star Insurance Group comes in.

We focus on your medical and your financial needs to help you understand the purpose of each Medicare option and if it works for you.

Medicare Supplement

These plans can fill any gaps that your Medicare option may need, depending on your health and specific situation.

Medicare Advantage (also called Part C)

These are private plans approved by Medicare and where we can leverage our relationships with our strategic partners to get you the best coverage and rate.

Medicare Part D

This covers your prescription drug expenses, but has some complex rules and regulations for enrollment.

We are here to streamline this process and get you finzalied with your policy quickly, reducing stress and and worry. We currently assist those living in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, & Ohio.

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